5 places to get started learning about the Olympus System

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One thing I noticed when I made my switch to Olympus was there was not a ton of people who have made educational content to learn about the differences. I wanted to share the 5 places that helped me the most on my transition to the Olympus system.

Get Olympus Learning Center:

The Olympus learning center is by far the best resource for learning about your OMD camera. Here you will find tutorials and links to other resources for all aspects of the Olympus system. I spent a lot of time here figuring out the menu’s and learning about cool features like Live Time.



If you have a Lynda subscription it is definitely worth checking out NAME tutorial on the OMD tips and tricks. It is a short training but covers a lot of the basics. If you don’t have a subscription you can sign up for a free trial here:¬†https://www.lynda.com/signup¬†


Tony & Chelsea Northrup:

Tony and Chelsea Northrup create a TON of video content for all things photography. They have great videos for getting started with all of the major Olympus cameras where they go through the menu and explain the different features of the cameras.


OMD Cheat Sheet:

When I was first researching the switch to Olympus I stumbled upon Robin Wong’s blog. I like the post below because he shares what settings he uses for his photography. I tweaked a few of these when I was first setting up my cameras but it is a great place to start.


Unlocking Olympus:

Tony Ventouris’s blog, Unlocking Olympus was my go to blog when I was first making the switch to Olympus. Tony has been using the Olympus system for years and has a lot of great content on his blog for others that are making the switch.


For all of you other Olympus shooters out there, what resources do you recommend? Where do you get all of your Olympus news and updates? Please share in the comments below.

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