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I am a bit of a news junky when it comes to the photography industry. I wanted to share a few of my favorite places that I get news from to stay up to date on the current trends and news. These blogs are guaranteed to help you become a better photographer!


First and foremost, I use Feedly to subscribe to all of these blogs. Feedly is a free tool that organizes everything into easy to read blurbs so you don’t have to click through all of these sites to read the news. Feedly is available on the web as well as native apps for Android and IOS devices.

Check it out at 



Blogs is a great source for all things Adobe. From releases to new software to case studies on creative trends, Adobe’s blog is definitely on point.

Subscribe if you are looking to keep up with trends in the creative space or want to be notified as soon as a new update is available for your software. 


DP Review is one of the oldest photography news sites on the web. From their site:

DPReview is the world’s most popular dedicated enthusiast digital photography site. We believe in fact-based and unbiased content with as much detail as we can provide, gained through our testing and real-world analysis of gear, technology and techniques.

Subscribe to DP Review if you want a good general feed about all things photography that is constantly updated. 

Camera Times

Camera times is another website that shares a lot of great info that is more geared towards cameras and camera companies. This site shares news, rumors and reviews on a very consistent basis. This site is usually my first stop when I hear of a new camera that is being released and I want to get the skinny.

Subscribe to this blog if you want to get the most up to date information when a new Olympus camera is launched! 

Digital Photography School

DPS is a website that is focused on providing educational content for photographers but their blog is chock full of great information and it is updated very regularly. One thing that I like about DPS is they tend to share tips and tricks that are easy to consume.

Follow this blog if you want to get tips and tricks delivered as well as news and updates on the photography industry.

DIY photography is a website that showcases different ways to DIY different pieces of gear for your photography as well as delivers news and hands on pieces relating to camera gear.

Subscribe to this site if you are a DIY’er that enjoys learning new ways to improve your photography. 

Flash Havoc

Like I said above, I LOVE gear. I stay up to date with all of the new lighting toys by subscribing to Flash Havoc. Flash Havoc is by far the go to place for announcements for off camera lighting. Flash havoc is where I find out about all of the new Olympus flashes become available!

Subscribe to this site if you want to stay up to date with all things off camera flash. 

ISO 1200

ISO 1200 is a video blog. The team over at the site scour the internet for behind the scenes and tutorials on how to improve your photography prowess. Daily photography related video awesomeness delivered to your screen!

Subscribe to this blog if you love photography and love free videos! 

Julieanne Kost’s Blog

From her site, “Named one of Fast Company’s “100 Most Creative People in Business,” Julieanne Kost is a Principal Evangelist at Adobe Systems, responsible for fostering relationships with customers through meaningful and inspirational Photoshop and Lightroom instruction” She is definitely someone you want to subscribe to!

Subscribe to this blog if you want to stay up to date on changes in Lightroom or want a constant stream of how to’s and tutorials related to lightroom and photoshop


Lightroom Killer Tips

Small bite size tips and tricks are what this blog is full of. If you want to learn shortcuts, techniques, or find out what that last update to Lightroom changed, subscribe to this blog.

Subscribe to this blog if you want to be more proficient at Lightroom. 


Petapixel is by far the most prolific photography related blog on the net. Petapixel is usually the first to break any news about our industry and they have other forms of media that help keep you up to date on our industry.

If you only subscribe to one blog, this would be the one. Petapixel covers a little bit of everything photography related. 

PPA Today

As a PPA member, I like to stay up to date on changes in our industry as well as different legislation that the organization is lobbying for. The site also shares different how to’s and videos that can help you improve your photography.

Subscribe to this blog if you are a professional photographer that wants to stay up to date on photography legislation and to keep up with the PPA. 

Skip Cohen University

Skip Cohen has been in the photography industry for a very long time. His blog shares different interviews as well as different techniques to run your business.

Subscribe to this blog if you want to run your business better! 

SLR Lounge

I would call SLR Lounge the cornerstone of photography education when it comes to online tutorials. The crew over at SLR Lounge is consistently putting out content on their site. This blog is a mix of paid content and free content, text and videos. The videos are some of the best on the internet and they are very high quality.

Subscribe to this blog if you want to increase your skills with a constant flow of photography education. 

The Lawtog

The Lawtog (Rachel Brenke) is the go to resource for all things related to photography and the laws. Although she does sell different contracts and legal pieces, she puts a lot of content out there to keep photogs on the up and up.

Subscribe to this blog if you want to stay out of jail 🙂 or you want to stay up to date on legislation as it pertains to the photography industry. 

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