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Sunset portraits using off camera flash step by step tutorial

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The highlight of the wedding day for me is capturing beautiful sunset shots for the bride and groom. These photos are an especially great way to end your album and they are also the perfect image to share instantly on social media to create buzz.  I wanted to share my recipe to get perfect sunset shots everytime you go out.   Continue Reading → “Sunset portraits using off camera flash step by step tutorial”

Olympus HSS and TTL

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I have been using the GODOX system ever since I switched to mirrorless back in 2014. The one thing that was missing in my transition to Olympus has been the lack of HSS. That is until now. Godox just announced cross compatibility with their entire line of products. Read below to learn what that means for Olympus shooters. This article is an in depth look at the entire GODOX line of products and my experience with them.

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