Cheap softbox for the Godox AD600

By admin

As you know I am a huge fan of Godox lights and I am also a big fan of modifiers that pack super flat. This article shares one of my favorite modifiers that is also super cheap!

I put together a video that shows one of my favorite modifiers that packs flat for traveling but creates beautiful light. This modifier is not the end all be all modifier but it is a modifier that can be used in several different situations.

I carry this modifer in all of my vehicles so I always have this modifier with me. It slides under my seat and doesn’t take up any room.

Note, Since this video was created, Godox actually sells this softbox with the S Mount adapter for under $35.

Check out the softbox and mounting ring here.

If you want to use this modifier with your speedlight I recommend this adapter. 

For my more in-depth look at my lighting kit check out my godox guide for Olympus.

Thanks for reading!

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