5 Facebook Groups for Olympus Shooters #getOlympus

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Facebook groups are not only great to stay up to date on news and trends in our industry but also find inspiration from other photographers that have a common interest. I wanted to share 5 groups that you can join on Facebook to stay up to date on all things OM-D!

Olympus Pen-F Worldwide User Group

The Pen-F group is one of my favorite Facebook groups that I follow. The community is very active and also very supportive. This is a great group for PEN shooters who want to get inspiration on creating awesome images with the PEN-F.

Olympus E-M1II

The E-M1II group is extremely active. This group is always sharing different images for inspiration as well as different guides, tips, and tricks. There is always something going on in the group. Also, make sure that you share your latest work to keep the conversations going!

Olympus OM-D Wedding Photographers

If you are a wedding photographer check out the OM-D Wedding Photographer group. This specialized group shares nothing but items related to wedding photography. This is a great group to get inspiration before your next wedding!

Olympus OM-D Education Group

The OM-D Education Group is a generalized group that shares educational materials and tips to become a better photographer. Unlike the other groups, you are encouraged to share your images with the settings so others can learn from you. If you want to learn more about the OMD system and what it is capable of. Click the link above!

Buy & Sell Olympus OM-D Gear

Want to find the best deals on used OM-D gear? Then this is the group for you! Buy & Sell Olympus is a group for people to sell gear to other Olympus shooters. Join this group if you are in the market for used gear or you need to sell off some gear to get that new lens you have had your eyes on!


Hopefully, you found this article helpful as you make the switch to Olympus. I can tell you these communities have helped me a ton in my transition to Olympus and I hope you learn something too!

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