860II-O Speedlight for Olympus now available

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The popular line of Lithium Ion Battery powered Godox speed lights are now available for Olympus and they have full TTL and HSS compatibility! This is a very powerful Speedlight at half the cost of the competitor. All of the info about the 860ii-O after the break!

If you couldn’t tell from my previous articles about off camera flash, I am a huge fan of the Godox line of lights. Recently they announced the 860II-O is now available for Olympus cameras. This is a game changer for Olympus shooters who want to have a fully functioning TTL Speedlight that will work on camera or wirelessly by using the Godox radio transmitter system (X System).

V860-II Photo

Information about the 860II-O

  • The built-in 2.4G wireless transmission offers all-in-one functions and 100 meters further transmission distance.
  • Fully support TTL functions, support for TTL auto flash, manual flash, 1/8000 high-speed sync, flash exposure compensation, flash exposure lock, second curtain sync, modeling flash, etc
  • Li-ion Battery:Max. 1.5s recycle time & 650 full power pops.
  • GN60 High Guide Number and 22 Steps of Power Output (1/1-1/128).
  • Auto/Manual Zoom Head from 20 to 200mm.
  • Support TTL/M/Multi/S1/S2 Modes.

The V860II is compatible with the following Olympus cameras: E-M10II/E-M5II/E-M1/E-PL8/E-PL7/E-PL6/E-PL5/E-PL3/PEN-F / Panasonic DMC-CX85/DMC-G7/DMC-GF1/DMC-LX100/DMC-G85 Digital Camera (TTL autoflash)

This is a very powerful Speedlight that runs on lithium ion batteries. The closest competitor (the 900R) comes in at about triple the price for even more power. I can say after shooting with Godox for many years, this is a great Speedlight that is not only powerful but also very durable. These lights are by far the best on the market for Olympus shooters who are looking to have a flexible system that can grow as they grow.

You can pick up your 860ii-O on Amazon for a cool $199 here: http://amzn.to/2v0In8n 

Here is a full list of specs from the Godox website:

Godox 860ii-o spec sheet

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