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Instagram is a powerful tool for me as a photographer to get my work in front of potential customers. Although the Instagram native app is great here are a few other instagram tools that make it even easier to grow your reach!

Instagram Tools

There are several Instagram tools available on the app store and on the web. I use these 4 apps on a constant basis and they have helped me grow from 200 followers to well over 15k in about 2 years.

Click here for a guide on how to setup a business Instagram account. 

Instagram’s Native Analytics

First and foremost let’s talk about Instagram’s built in native analytics. To get these features you need to make sure your account is setup as a business account in the Instagram settings. Once you are setup as a business account, click on the little bar graph on the top right corner of the screen. This will take you to your stats on when the best time to post is and what is the content that gets the most engagement.

Followers Pro for Instagram

Followers plus is a free app in the IOS app store. This app is great to keep an eye on your followers. Find out who is following you and also who unfollowed you. This is great when you are managing a community of people and it helps you get more insight into who is following you so you can tailor your content to your audience better.


Later has been a god send for me and my business. The premise of Later is simple. Once a month I take about an hour to go through and find 30 of my favorite images that I want to post to social media. I go into the later website and I am able to schedule out my posts 30 days out. Then every day I get a notification on my phone and I simply copy and paste the notification right to Instagram and post away.

Note this app will NOT auto post for you when you schedule it. Auto posting is against the instagram terms of service. This is the closest tool available to keep you from getting banned.


Last but certainly not least, Focalmark. This tool totally changed my Instagram posting. The premise is simple. You enter what type of photography you are posting and it tells you what the highest performing hashtags are. As you can see from the screenshot below, you simply add your style, your location and your camera and the app spits out all of the hashtags you need.

These 4 apps have helped me find out what type of content my followers like and dislike. These apps also help me find out when the best time to share my content for the maximum interaction. Are there any apps that I missed? What Instagram apps can you not live without? Share in the comments below! Also if you want to follow me on Instagram, click here 

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