Live Composite with the TG-5

By admin

Before I purchased the TG-5 I read about the different modes like live composite and pro capture but when I started playing with the camera I found it a bit confusing. The menu can be a little confusing to figure out so I wanted to put together a guide on how to create a Live Composite with your TG-5.

To find out more about live composites check out this article from Olympus Passion

There may be other ways to do a live composite but I have found this to be easiest. To get started put your camera into SCN mode by moving the dial on the back of the camera to SCN. Once you are in this mode, you will see a menu with different options to choose from. Select Nightscapes. 

On the next screen, you will be presented with 3 different options. Scroll all the way to the last option and select Live Composite. 

Once your camera is in the live composite mode, click the shutter button to get your base exposure.

After you are happy with the results of your live composite, click the shutter button again. You will get a notification on your screen that the camera is reducing noise in the final image. This is totally normal.

I know it seems like an easy process but it took me a lot of playing to finally figure it out so hopefully, it will save you time!



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