Enable Mic Power on the OMD system

By admin

Imagine my dismay when I plugged in my RODE Mic and there was no sound. After some investigation, I found the setting in the OMD menu’s that allow microphones to be powered through the Mic jack.

This is a quick guide that explains how to turn on plug in power on Olympus Cameras.

To get started click the menu button.

Scroll down to the video menu as seen below.

Click on the menu item that shows the “MENU” and the microphone icon.

Click on the right directional pad. Your screen should look like the screen below.

Click the right button again and a new menu will show up as seen in the menu below. Scroll down until “Plug-in Power” is highlighted and click the right button on the direction pad.

The final step is to choose “On” in the menu.

Once this setting is turned on you will be able to power your on camera microphones with power from the camera.

FYI I talk about using the RODE videomic micro in this post. I love this mic because it does not require any additional batteries or a power source. You can find this awesome MIC over on Amazon by clicking here.

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