Olympus EM10-MarkIII What’s new?

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Today Olympus announced an update to their entry level OMD EM10 line. The new mark III offers a few new features over the previous model which makes it an even better option for the beginner photographer or videographer.

Welcome to the family EM10-Mark III.


Although the Nikon D850 is currently dominating the news cycle, Olympus pushed out an update to their OMD line today, the EM10-Mark III. This tiny camera now shoots 4K which is a welcome improvement over the previous HD capabilities. Let’s see what else is new!

Better ergonomics and a new button


The first thing I noticed on the new EM10-Mk 3 is the larger grip on the camera. You will no longer have to purchase an extra grip if you have large hands like me. Olympus has also added a new button that will take you to the Super Control Panel. The super control panel provides you with quick access to most of the camera settings at the push of a button.

TruPic VIII image processor


The Mark 3 now sports the TruPic VIII image processor that is also found in the EM1-Mk2. This image processor helps to process all of that lovely 4K footage at 24/25 and 30p.

121 contrast auto focus points from 81

The new Mark 3 bumps up it’s auto focus game with the addition of 40 more auto focus points. It is worth noting that these are contrast autofocus points and not phase detection auto-focus like we see in the Em1-Mk2.

More visual navigation through the menu’s


According to the press release, Olympus unveiled a new, more beginner friendly navigation system that fully utilizes the touch screen.

New Art Filter: Bleach Bypass


The art filters in the Olympus lineup make for some very creative possibilities when you are out shooting. The EM10 adds an all new Bleach Bypass filter to add a little more creative pop in your images.


I saved the best for last! The biggest addition to the EM10 is the ability to record 4K video (3840X2160) at 30p,25p, as well as 24p at approximately 102 Mbps. It is worth noting that this camera does not offer a mic in jack so you will only be able to record onboard audio or use a recorder and sync in post.  There is also a Clips feature in camera that allows you to take multiple short clips and put them to music all in camera!

Here are a few videos from the Olympus website showing the new features!

Anyone notice the license plate on the van 🙂 I wonder if that was intentional?


My friends over at the Pixel Connection have a hands on look at the all new EM10-MKIII Check it out.

This camera is a great starting camera for photographers that are just getting into photography as well as photographers who want an entry level 4K camera with interchangeable lenses.




There are  2 options for purchasing the EM10-MKIII.

Body Only: $649

with a 14-42mm EZ Lens, bag, and memory card: $799

Note: The camera comes in both silver and black.

You can pre-order the EM10 at The Pixel Connection


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