These are a list of some guiding questions for the Olympus Pro’s Podcast.

Tell us more about what you shoot and how long you have been photographing this genre? 

We hop in a time machine and go back to when you started doing photography. What would you tell yourself how would you coach yourself?

Are there any books/resources or tools you would recommend to our listeners?

One piece of gear you couldn’t live without?

What was your best memory of your career?

One thing that we talk about on the podcast is the idea of failure and how you learn from failure. Can you share a time in your career when you failed and what did you learn from it?

Lightning Round:

L1: Mac or PC? & Why?

L2: Lightroom or Photoshop & Why?

L3: Speedlight or Studio Strobe & Why?

L4: Android or IOS & Why?

L5: Coffee or Tea & Why?

Tragedy strikes. You have one camera and one lens and $500 in your pocket. What would the camera and lens be and how would you use the $500 to launch your business & stay afloat?

How can our listeners find you online?