Replacement Lens Hood for Olympus 40-150

By admin

If you have the Olympus 40-150 you may have had the unfortunate luck of having your lens hood explode. The design of the lens is genius but unfortunately, it is very fragile. Until Olympus fixes the lens hood I am sticking with the lower cost solution. Links in the post below!

A few weeks ago I the lens hood on my 40-150 blew up so I took to the internet to try to find a replacement lens hood. I thought it was a fluke that my lens hood but as I found on Facebook groups as well as Amazon I was not alone:


As I searched around different Facebook groups someone mentioned that there was a low-cost alternative to replace your lens hood until Olympus figures out the issues with the LH-76.


Here is the low-cost option:

JJC LH-78II Lens Hood Shade For CANON EF 135mm

Cost: $8.49

Here is the OEM replacement (may still have issues)

Lens Hood LH-76 for 40-150 PRO Lens

Cost: $62.70


Hopefully, this helps other users who are having the same issues as me!

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