Sony vs Olympus. 5 Reasons I Made the Switch to OMD.

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Sony vs Olympus

People ask me all the time, Why did you leave Sony? I felt it was necessary to share a few of the reasons why I made the switch and what the switch has done for me as a photographer and artist.

Sony vs Olympus


For the last 3 year’s I have been carrying the Sony flag. I was by far one of the BIGGEST Sony fanboys out there. I went to every Sony event, I hung out at the Sony booth at the trade shows, I even hosted a podcast with one of the Sony artisans. Below I outline 5 of the biggest reasons I made the switch. I can tell you I have never been happier.

I have been working on this post for a really long time. I have to be honest before I made the switch I read a TON on the Olympus system and even borrowed an entire kit for about 2 months and shot with it every day before I considered making any switches. I also promise I will be following this article up with several other reasons why I switched but I wanted to get this one out ASAP!


Dual SD Card Slots

I have been holding out for dual memory card slots on the Sony for 3 years now. Once they finally released a body that offered two card slots it came in at a shocking $4400. It was at this point that I started to really think about how I was gonna continue. I knew for this wedding season I needed to make a move to have dual cards. I owed it to my brides. For the price of 1 Sony a9 I was able to purchase 2 EM1-MK2’s.

Even lighter gear

First off, I don’t want you to think the Sony gear is uber heavy because it is much lighter then DSLR gear. That being said the lenses are monsters, the bodies, especially when they are gripped are also extremely heavy. My body still took a beating when it came to long wedding days. I wanted something even smaller than what I had with the Sony system and I wanted a system that I could pack small for when I travel for destination weddings.

I was getting lazy

After talking to so many other people about how good the Sony sensors were I found myself relying on the a7S in low light. I knew that I could push the limits of my cameras in order to pull off an exposure. I settled for what was easiest and not necessarily was best. I let Sony’s marketing team make decisions in my photography. Now I know this isn’t something that will show up in a spec sheet anywhere but learning the new system forced me to be uncomfortable. I have found that being uncomfortable forces me to be even more creative.

In Camera Artistry

You hear it all the time, it is best to get it right in camera. The things that you can do with this line of cameras in nothing short of amazing. From Live Comp and Live Time to be able to get 50 Megapixel images only when you need them. I feel like the OMD line is the perfect system for wedding and portrait photographers who strive to make all the decisions when they are shooting and not have to depend on fixing things in post.

No sacrifices

I knew as I looked at other systems (Lumix, Fuji, Olympus) I could not afford to have any sacrifices. My work had to remain at the high quality that my clients were used to. Over the last several months I have realized that I have not made any sacrifices and my work has gotten better with the OMD system. It is these 5 reasons that I feel Olympus has made me a better photographer.



As you can see this is a high-level overview of the deciding factors for making my switch. In the future, I will be going in depth in each of these areas and sharing more information on why I made the switch.

To see what is in my kit, check it out by clicking here! 

What caused you to switch? What was the straw that broke the camels back?

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