5 Reasons I take the TG-5 to Every Wedding

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I am absolutely in love with the Olympus TG-5 Tough Camera. Manual controls, 4K Video, Small form factor are just a few of the reasons I love it so much. In this article, I share 5 reasons why I never leave home without the Olympus TG-5.

The Tough TG-5 is a low-cost rugged point and shoot camera. It sports 4k video as well as several different advanced scene modes that allow you to create high-quality imagery without lugging a ton of heavy gear. Since I purchased this camera it hasn’t left my side.

TG-5 Specs:

  • Waterproof, Shock Proof, Freeze Proof
  • 12 Megapixel
  • 4x Optical Zoom
  • Raw & Jpg capture
  • Image Stabilization (Sensor Shift)
  • 3″ Screen
  • 25 Point Autofocus

For more information about the TG-5 check out the specs here.

Backup Camera

I keep the TG-5 in my bag in the rare case everything else fails. I make sure it is fully charged and ready to go. I know it will not capture the high-quality images like my Em1 or PEN but I believe less than stellar photos are better then no photo’s at all! Also with this camera locked and loaded I know I will always have a spare memory card should something happen to my other cameras.

4k Video

The TG-5 is a great little video camera that also works under water. This weekend I was shooting a wedding in the Outer Banks and the bride and groom were willing to jump in the pool. I flipped the camera to 4k and I was ready to capture the moment! I knew with 4k resolution I would be able to go back through the footage in post and get screen grabs to use for stills.

Never know when you will be under water

This camera is a GREAT underwater camera. When you switch to the underwater mode you are presented with several different options to get the best possible photos depending on your subject and the clarity of the water. This camera also offers an LED that can be turned on if it is murky water or dark.

TG-5 Underwater Wedding Shot

Guest Camera

Because this camera is simple to use and extremely durable I have no problem putting it in the hands of wedding guests. I will send it on the bus with the bridal party or if someone at the wedding seems interested in photography I put it in their hands to grab selfies or other fun shots. It is funny to see the different shots you are able to get when the guests are in control. I have seen other photographers attach a camera to a bottle of alcohol to get some great footage as well! Take note, there is a good chance you will end up in a few of the shots 🙂

Creative B Roll Shots

This camera is equipped with several different art filters as well as special modes like microscope, time-lapse, and livecomp that allow you create some very unique images. I always pack a Joby bendable tripod so I am always able to set this camera off to the side to capture moments through a different lens.

TG-5 Tripod

This is the tripod I use. 

For under $500 you can’t beat everything that you get in this camera. If you are searching for a small form factor durable camera then the TG-5 will exceed your expectations. This is a seriously fun camera to use!

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