Tough TG-5 Support in Lightroom

By admin

The moment all of us TG-5 users have been waiting for. Native support for the TG5 is now available in Lightroom. Links for updates after the break.

Since release Olympus users have had to use the Olympus software in order to edit their TG-5 Raw files. I can confirm that the newest version of Lightroom (6.12) handles files from the TG-5 without any issues. You can find other release notes for 6.12 here:

This version of Lightroom came out in June and if you are like me you may have missed the update. So if you still using the Olympus viewer software, your wait is over. Head over to the Adobe website or download the newest updates from creative cloud today!

*Note: This is a short post because I had NO idea that there was RAW support for this camera in Lightroom and I┬áhave been using the Olympus viewer software. My hopes are more and more people realize they need to update Lightroom so they don’t make the same mistake I did.



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