Using Off Camera Flash with the Tough TG-5

By admin

Did you know the TG-5 can control your off-camera flash? Yes, it is true! In this tutorial, we talk about how you can add a little bit of pop into your images using your Olympus flash.

I want to preface this article by saying at the end of the day, this camera is still a point and shoot camera. Chances are you won’t be shooting your next wedding entirely with the TG-5. With that being said, it is awesome to know that you have the ability to fire off-camera flash for things like macro shots or add a little bit of pop into your vacation photos.

The steps are pretty simple.

On the camera, click the flash button (right direction pad) and scroll over until you see “RC”. 

On the flash put it into RC mode on Group A and Channel 1.


I did test this with the Olympus Macro flash and it did not work”


Example Images:


Compatible Flashes:


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