Whats in my Wedding Bag? #getOlympus

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Whats in my wedding bag

A lot of photographers have asked me what is in my bag. What do I take to weddings? So I decided I would put together an article with all of the gear that I take and an explanation of why they are in my bag.

This post will highlight just the camera gear that I take to weddings. For information on the off camera flash gear I use, check out my other posts here. 


PEN-F– I absolutely love my Olympus PEN-F. I love the creative dial, I love the exposure compensation dial and I love the look and feel. I use this body for about 75% of the wedding day. For getting ready photos I usually use just the PEN and I swap out different primes to get different looks.

Em1-MII– The EM1 is a great camera but I use it as my backup. I use the EM1 primarily paired with the 12-100 for any moving shots throughout the day. This camera and lens combo is GREAT for the ceremony as you can keep your subjects in focus with the super fast auto focus and keep it steady with the in body and in lens image stabilization.

Tg5– This may surprise some readers but I take the TG5 to every wedding. I keep this camera with me to send with the bridal party on the bus to just have fun with. I also occasionally use it to capture some 4k video to add to the client’s teaser video.


Prime Lenses

17mm– This is my favorite lens to pair with the PEN. The small form factor makes it great for getting ready shots. The camera practically disappears due to it’s small and unobtrusive style.

25mm– If you listen carefully, you may actually hear angels sing when you shoot with this lens. This lens is absolutely heavenly. Almost all of the bridal portraits and details throughout the day are shot with this lens. Also, the 1.2 really helps in low light situations especially towards the end of the evening. The sharpness and depth of field make this lens my favorite in the kit.

60mm– The 60mm Macro lens is the perfect fit for any wedding kit. This lens has a great range and it is very easy to use. If you want to take your ring shots up to the next level, this lens is for you.


Zoom Lenses

7-14– The 7-14 is the perfect wide angle lens for the OMD system. This lens is able to achieve super wide angle photos without getting the fisheye look in your pictures. This lens is perfect for getting wide shots during the ceremony, wide landscapes and even fun dance floor photos.

12-100– During 1 wedding this year I realized I kept this lens on the EM1 the entire wedding. The focal length of this lens covers the medium range distances which is great for capturing all situations near and far.

40-150– If you need that extra little bit of reach during the ceremony or want to get nice bokeh filled portraits this is the lens for you.



There are a few other items in my bag like extra batteries, extra memory cards, and my ac adapters. One other accessory I bring to every wedding is my expo disc. This paired with one touch white balance helps you get your photos perfect in camera.

All of my gear fits nicely into my Thinktank Backpack

For tips on using 1 touch white balance check out this article. 

What do you keep in your wedding bag? What is your favorite lens?

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